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My girlfriend turned me into a coffee drinker and I’m not even sorry about it.
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are you ever unable to listen to a certain song or artist because there’s a lot of memories attached to it and if you do all the memories will come back and you’ll be really sad

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Hi friends this is a little reminder to charge your phone, take your meds, drink enough water, get enough sleep, and listen to lots of music!! Your well-being and happiness is of utmost importance and I hope you take time to take care of yourself.


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~   I Don’t Know Where to Go From Here (#370: April 7, 2014)
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He kissed my eyelids and traced my face with his fingertips, from my hairline down my cheeks like teardrops and along my jawline. It was like he was trying to memorise me and he’d smoke his cigarette and contemplate my hair and my lips and my eyes before kissing me and closing his eyes in sleep…


Map 2012 by JMWTurner on Flickr.
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